The Chic, Scary Vampire for Men and Women

20 Oct

At Scentsa, our experts love all things beauty — whether it’s chic and stylish or part of pop culture, makeup should always be fun. With Halloween drawing near, we’ve decided to put together a look for darker, devious costumes. There are many styles to choose from — dark and mysterious, brooding and sexy, classic and frightening; no matter what your taste is in vampires, our fun, exciting looks will quench anyone’s thirst.

Just like vampires, this makeup look is always in style. There are several different vampire makeup looks to consider, each fantastic in their own way. From a wicked Vampire Diaries inspired look to the ever-trendy sparkling Twilight vampire look, the extraordinary vampire look is easy for anyone to achieve.

The first makeup look can be used for both sexes. Its inspiration comes from the hit television show Vampire Diaries mixed with a more frightening allure. Our experts here at Scentsa have put together these easy tips to accomplish these blood-thirsty makeup looks, so delve into the world of eternal darkness.

Start with a fresh face

Step One: The Face

Vampires are considered undead creatures of the night (even if some are immune to sunlight), so a paler face is a must. Use a foundation sponge to apply foundation, a shade or two lighter, all over face and eyelids. Set foundation with matte white, powder eye shadow using a large powder brush. Make sure to blend well on jaw line and neck.

Step Two: The Eyes

Using a red eyeliner or lip-liner, draw squiggly lines under the eyes, stopping just before the cheek bones and also from the middle of your eyebrows to the center of your forehead.

Using an eyeliner brush, apply soft strokes of navy blue eyeshadow over the red liner. Use a Q-tip to soften and smudge the red and blue lines to create a vein-like appearance. Next, apply the navy blue eye shadow in the crease of the eye.

Don't forget vampires can get angry sometimes!

To get the blood-thirsty look, draw red eyeliner on the inner rim of eye. Lastly, fill in the brows with a medium brown eye shadow.

For Woman: After completing the steps above, add false lashes by applying lash glue directly to the false lashes. Hold in place on the eye for one minute and then draw a thick line over the false lashes with black gel or liquid liner to enhance the lashes.

Step Three: Cheeks

Apply dark gray eye shadow under the cheek bones toward the lips for contour.

Step Four: Lips

For Men: Apply a lip balm to the lips and brush over with light grey eye shadow using a lip brush.

For Women: Line the lips with a bright red lip liner and fill in with matching lipstick.

Step Five: The Fangs

Not every vampire look requires fangs (Twilight,) but they’re always fun to wear. Buy Fang caps from any Halloween store in a shade to match your teeth. For a stronger hold, fill fang cap with clear denture glue and press to canines for about two to three minutes. Remove excess denture adhesive with a damp Q-tip, smile and scare.

After all the steps are complete, here are the finished looks.


Note: If this look is a little bold for your taste, skip adding veins to the forehead and cheeks for a more seductive vampire look.

*Special thanks to our makeup artist Anna Van Houten and our models Brian Fish and Ginna Moran


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