Halloween Forest Fairy Makeup Look

19 Oct

Halloween is just around the corner and our expert beauty team has come together to create easy, affordable looks for this spectacular, fun holiday. As you know, there are thousands of makeup ideas to choose from so we’ve selected a few to share with you throughout the month to complete your Halloween costume.

Fairy, fae, faerie, no matter how you put it, these beautiful creatures have always been a popular part of mythology, literature, and film. From cute and angelic to dark and devious, the fairy look is a classic style anyone can achieve.

The Forest Fairy

This makeup look was inspired by the garden fairy, a mesmerizing creature who loves flower-scented air, vibrant colors, and the beauty of nature. Our experts here at Scentsa have put together fantastic, fun makeup ideas for everyone with the desire to achieve this stunning makeup look. So enjoy a little glitter, glitz, and glam.

Have a fresh, clean face before applying this makeup look

Step One: The Face

When trying to achieve the fairy look, the most important step is choosing your desired color. We’ve decided to go with emerald green and warm golden hues to capture the essence of the garden fairy.

After you have chosen your colors, prep the skin with a natural colored foundation matching your skin tone, using a sponge to apply foundation easily. Don’t forget to blend at the jaw-line to avoid a foundation streak.

To accomplish the fairy glow, use a powder or eyeshadow brush to blend dark green eyeshadow from hairline, down towards your eyebrows and into your cheek contour. Next, apply and blend light green eyeshadow along the inner edge of the darker shadow on the forehead to add depth. Highlight with gold shimmer dust along forehead, top of nose, and top of cheek bones.

Step Two: The Eyes

Apply and blend the darkest green eyeshadow (used on the face) in the eye contour (the crease of your eyelid) and down towards the inner eye onto the side of nose contour. Cover the whole eyelid with medium green eye shadow. Highlight the brow bone with the lightest green eye shadow. Line the upper and lower lashline with dark green eyeliner and fill in the brows with the dark green eyeliner.

Step Three:The Lashes

Apply false feather lashes using adhesive lash glue to upper lash line. In soft strokes brush black mascara on lower lash line. Use a damp q-tip for easy cleanup.

Step Four: The Lips

Line and fill in lips with deep red lip liner and the same color deep red lipstick. Use a small dry powder brush to gently dust on gold shimmer powder over the center of the lips for a shimmery glow.

Step Five: The Accessories

Starting from the center of the hairline, apply craft jewels in V-like shape. Using decorative jewel clusters from any craft store, apply down cheek highlight. Using another jewel cluster to make a V shape around eye, apply from tip of first jewel cluster to above the eyebrow. For a finishing touch add fern-like vines to hair.

We hope you enjoy this fantastic fairy makeup look!

*Special thanks to our makeup artist Layla Oeltjen and our model Jazmin Garcia.


2 Responses to “Halloween Forest Fairy Makeup Look”

  1. ED Stuckey October 20, 2010 at 5:10 am #

    IF i was a female, this would be a great costume and the makeup is awesome. Great job and easy instructions.

  2. Top Secret October 20, 2010 at 10:59 pm #

    I’m a guy and I still want to do this look! Awesome!!!

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