Fragrance Spotlight-Lady Gaga Fame

22 Aug

A celebrity fragrance is often the topic of much debate-sometimes praised, other times lampooned, and always highly anticipated. So it’s no surprise that when Lady Gaga and Coty announced a partnership to develop her first fragrance it was met with a lot of speculation.  Always unexpected, Lady Gaga has created a massive fan base around her unconventional fashions, videos, and imagery. To create a fragrance that captures the essence of Gaga therefore means to create a fragrance that both surpasses expectations and subverts them. We were lucky enough to receive a sample of the fragrance and are pleased to report you won’t be disappointed.

The fragrance contains notes of incense, belladonna, apricot, and honey and circumvents the usual note hierarchy. The end result is a scent that’s rich, spicy, and sweet, without being overly fruity or candied.  The one-of-a-kind fluid is black in the bottle but sprays clear; we tested it and found it works perfectly. Luxurious and completely addictive, Lady Gaga Fame is a scent that will silence the crowd.

Get your bottle of Fame here!


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