Beauty Tip-Highlighters

11 Jul

Makeup routines often become just that, routine. Switching up your makeup style or adding a new product can be the difference between blah and beautiful. An easy way to add a little luster to your everyday look is with a highlighter. A highlighter is a complexion enhancer that can give skin a dewy, radiant look. As a rule, a highlighter should be applied to places where light hits your face. Keep these spots in mind.

1)      The high points of your cheekbones.

2)      The center of your nose.

3)      The brow bone, just below your eyebrow.

4)      The cupids bow, the small, top center portion of your lips.

When using highlighters, always apply after your foundation, but before concealer and avoid areas of the face that are red or pigmented as the highlighter will draw attention to those areas.  A few highlighters we love are Benefit High Beam, a classic that never disappoints, and Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Powder, a shimmery highlighter.

How do you rock your highlighter? Leave a comment and let us know!


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