The Enchanting Angel

21 Oct

After exploring the world of vampires, our experts here at Scentsa wanted to shine light on a beautiful Halloween makeup look for those with more innocent taste. Halloween is our favorite holiday of the year because we can explore all aspects of beauty, so be creative and have fun.

One of the hottest trends in film, music, and literature (especially Young Adult Literature with bestsellers like Fallen by Lauren Kate and Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick), is the angelic look. Whether dazzling and ethereal or dark and mysterious, the angel is always a fantastic choice.

So sweet!

Inspired by the beauty found in soft, feathery wings and glowing halos, we have put together an angel makeup look to satisfy everyone’s cute, playful side. So dash a little sparkle, add delicate wings, and soar through the sky this Halloween.

Step One: Face

To achieve a smooth, angelic complexion, apply your normal foundation or use a shade lighter for a hint of etherealness using a makeup sponge. For best results, blend well along the jawline and on your neck to prevent a foundation streak.

To set foundation and add a translucent glow, use a large powder brush and lightly stroke the face with a matte, white eyeshadow. For darker skin tones, we suggest using a soft golden color.

Step Two: Eyes

Use a finger or brush and dab on an eyeshadow base before applying eyeshadow for a longer lasting stay. To accomplish bigger, brighter eyes, use an iridescent white shadow on the entire eyelid and underneath bottom lashes and use a white pencil on your inner lash line.


To accomplish the “winged” look, place a strip of scotch tape under lower lash line towards the outer brow line. Proceed to brush on a bright turquoise eyeshadow from the outer eye crease working the color toward the inner eye over the tape. For an added touch of sparkle, trace your eyebrows with white eyeliner and brush silver glitter mascara along arch.

Finish your angelic eyes with glittering white false eyelashes by using a small line of lash adhesive and press firmly on lash line for one minute.

Step Three: Lips

Apply a nude lip base to lips for an even color. For angel kisses, apply a sheer pink lip gloss and dust on silver glitter.

Step Four: Accessories

To complete the angel look, place faux-gem stones, found at most craft stores, in a design of your choice along the brow line and down the cheeks.

We hope you enjoy this look! Watch out for our next look: The Devil.

*Special thanks to our makeup artist Jazmin Garcia and our model Layla Oeltjen.


One Response to “The Enchanting Angel”

  1. miriam coban October 22, 2010 at 8:43 pm #

    Isch mega schön richtig wi a ängu so himmlisch gueti arbeit. SWEET

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