Magnetic Nails

23 May

Of all the beauty trends with staying power, nail art seems to take the cake. With Sephora stores dedicating entire sections to nail art and design the adorned fingernail look isn’t going anywhere. There are lots of fun design ideas to choose from, just search nails in Pinterest and you’ll find tons of options. However, not all of us have the hours of time it requires to sketch flowers, polka dots, or stripes onto our nails. This is why we love Sephora’s magnetic polish. A cool nail design can be achieved by simply painting your nails. Follow the easy steps below and you’ll love the final product.  We used Nails Inc. Magnetic Effect Polish.

Step 1) Paint a thin layer of polish on nails and allow drying for 2-3 minutes.

Step 2) Apply a thick coat of polish to one nail and immediately hold magnet over nail, while polish is still wet.

Tip: Line the rim of the magnet up with your cuticle to ensure it doesn’t make contact with the wet surface.

Step 3) Hold magnet over nails for ten seconds to reveal design. Allow polish to dry completely and finish with topcoat.


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