Spring Makeup Colors

21 Mar

As the cold winter weather slowly melts away, so does the dark, matte makeup that populates the fall and winter runways. Spring clothing embraces the bright and welcoming mood of the new season, and this year, the spring runways brought lively colors in a new and inspiring ways. We decided to highlight our favorite colors from this year’s spring shows and how you can incorporate them into your usual makeup routine.


This spring brought shades of red in many different styles.  Jason Wu’s pop-art-inspired red or 50s femininity at Christian Dior, where highlighted red lips were a must, and Anna Sui had red-themed makeup looks with matching red eye shadow and cheeks. Wearing red for spring means letting the color stand alone, and leave the rest of your face bare or minimal to let the color speak for itself. Try using a lip stain instead of a matte lipstick for a more youthful look. We love Sephora collection Lush and Flush Lip and Cheek Stain and Fresh Sugar Passion Tinted Lip Treatment.


Usually considered a fall shade, metallic have appeared on the spring runway shows of Chanel and Ralph Lauren. White silver shadows specifically add shimmer to spring makeup. To give the metallic shades a spring treatment, try using a cream base instead of a pencil for a more natural effect.  We love Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow.


Maybe its pop star Nicki Minaj’s influence, but magenta lips have been popping up all over the runways for spring.  Milly matched matte magenta with bright orange nails for a rainbow-esque look, and glossy shades of magenta lips were also featured at Betsey Johnson and Luca Luca. Magenta can be worn alone or with smoky eyes for a night on the town look. We love Nicki’s Lipstick from MAC and Sephora collection in Love Test 11.


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