Valentine’s Day Nails

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day might be one of our favorite holidays. It’s one of the few times a year when candy comes in the girliest of colors, the best romantic comedies come out around this time, and red lips are a must. This year to honor Valentine’s Day we decided to create a nail look that would tell your Valentine exactly what you’re thinking. Inspired by the Conversation Hearts we all received as kids and still love to this day, these nails say it all.

Step 1) Paint nails with a base coat, then using different colored pastel nail polish paint nails. We used Revlon in Opulent Pink and Sally Hansen in Virtual Violet.

Step 2) Allow nails to dry completely. Use a pink or light-colored nail pen to write messages on each nail. We used Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Hot Pink.

Step 3) Allow messages to dry completely then paint nails with a shiny topcoat. We used Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat.


One Response to “Valentine’s Day Nails”

  1. Lisa_Donnelly February 15, 2012 at 6:45 pm #

    What a clever idea for fancy nails–but why not make every day Valentine’s Day? These are too fun to just put on once a year.

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