Carol’s Daughter Review

10 Jan

Curly-haired girls seem to always be on the hunt for hair products that will nourish curls without weighing them down. Recently we tried Carol’s Daughter, an all-natural brand of hair and skincare products made for girls with curls. After trying both the Black Vanilla and Rosemary Mint shampoos and conditioners, we’re happy to report this is a brand that delivers. Both shampoo varieties had a great smell and left hair clean without it feeling stripped or with leftover residue. The Rosemary Mint variety had the added ingredient of peppermint oil, which feels cool and tingly on your scalp. Although the Black Vanilla conditioner wasn’t as hydrating as expected, it did leave hair with a nice shine and smell, and would be a good choice for someone with a slightly oily scalp. The Rosemary Mint conditioner was very rich and moisturizing, and after towel drying, hair felt clean and detangled easily.

The company says, “The finest ingredients nature has to offer and products made with love are at the heart of Carol’s Daughter. Founded in a kitchen in Brooklyn, New York, creator Lisa Price’s homemade concoctions have become staples on the shelves of celebrity bathrooms. Now thirteen years later, Price continues to deliver down home treatments using wholesome ingredients ranging from luscious mangoes to refreshing peppermint. From head to toe, Carol’s Daughter strives to enhance your life and well being by providing the sweetest and most luxurious products, all made from the heart – naturally.”

Are you a curly girl? What works best on your kinks?


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