Silver and Blue Manicure

5 Jan

At ScentsaBeauty we love our nails and are constantly looking for new ways to wear our favorite new shades. This nail look puts a new spin on the at-home French manicure by adding color. A silver base with blue tips, and a layer of glitter create a unique look for your nails. Creating this look is relatively simple but like so many nail looks, can be ruined from lack of patience so take your time and we guarantee you’ll love this look.

Step 1) Paint nails with a clear polish base and let dry. Then add two coats of silver nail polish. We used Zoya in Jules.

Step 2) Allow nails to dry completely. This is important because the tape will smudge nails that aren’t fully dry. Use scotch tape and tape across nails so only the tips are exposed.

Step 3) Paint nails dark blue. We used Essie in Midnight Cami. Allow nails to dry before removing tape, you might need to use tweezers too get all the leftover tape off.

Step 4) Paint a layer of glitter nail polish to create a shimmer effect. We used Essence Colour & Go in Space Queen. Finish with a glossy topcoat and your look is complete. We used Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Flawless.

What color combo would you use to recreate this look?


One Response to “Silver and Blue Manicure”

  1. Lisa Donnelly January 13, 2012 at 9:09 pm #

    Love the technique! I’m especially impressed with how good it looks on the shorter length natural nails. It’s hard to keep natural nails strong and smooth, but I’ve found that using a high-quality glass nail file really helps. The finish doesn’t leave little nicks and burrs the way other nail files can. But a word of advice: Don’t go for the cheapest glass file you can find because the finish is just sprayed on and will wear away very quickly. Some of those “crystal” nail files are not even made of glass–they’re plastic! The acid-etched Czech glass files cost more, but it’s worth it in the longrun because they last practically forever and can be sanitized between uses.

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