Fall Makeup Trends

1 Nov

Turn the sidewalk into the catwalk with the hottest runway inspired makeup trends. Makeup completes your look, reflects your style, and like your wardrobe, should be updated with the season, especially when the season brings playful and iconic looks inspired by the best designers. We scoured the fall runways to find three irresistible makeup looks you must try this season.

Burberry’s new campaign featured models with flawless skin and minimal makeup except for distinct heavy lined eye with a wing reminiscent of Sophia Loren.  Winged eyeliner is a timeless makeup look that can be adapted for lots of different trends. This is a makeup look that might take some practice to master, so follow our advice to achieve the perfect wing.

1. Use a small angled brush to apply black gel eyeliner, starting at the inner corner of top lash line.

2. Create a thick line as close to lashes as possible, you can always clean it up with Q-tips later.

3. When you reach the end of your lash line, flick your wrist upwards to create the wing.

Now you have the option to smudge the eyeliner for a more undone look, which is closer to the Burberry ad, or you can clean up the line with Q-tips for a sleek modern look.

The bold eye trend continued at Fendi’s runway show. Models were featured with bright reds and metallic gray eye shadow, paired with dewy, bare skin. Bold eye makeup is an easy way to add style to your everyday look. When wearing such bright colors, remember to keep the rest of your makeup basic. With temperatures cooling in the fall months you can use loose powder or cream eye shadow.

Prada’s fall campaign featured models with matte skin and monochromatic makeup shades used on eyes, lips, and cheeks. This understated style is easy to achieve. Use an all-purpose makeup stick in a peach or apricot pastel shade that will flatter your skin tone. Start with a natural looking matte face. Then apply the makeup stick to eyes, cheeks, and lips, layering to meet your desired shade. Blending is the key to a clean natural look. And don’t forget to use powder. This sets your makeup, ensuring a long-lasting, fabulous look. Makeup is meant to be experimented with, so play with these trends and find a look to complete your style.


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