Starbucks Inspired Manicure

18 Oct

The occasional trip to Starbucks is a must for the ladies at Scentsabeauty. The caffeine shakes off the late afternoon doldrums and gets the creative juices flowing. In fact, we’ve taken to our local Starbucks so much we’re on a first name basis with most of the barista’s. So it comes as no surprise that we decided to pay tribute to our caffeinated sanctuary. We decided to highlight our favorite recent additions to Starbucks, Petites. These miniature confections are a treat for the eyes and the stomach, and now the nails! The first nail look is inspired by the pink and white design on the birthday cake pop and the mini doughnuts. Yum!

Step 1) Paint nails as usual, using a base coat and two coats of a pastel pink. Let dry.

Step 2) Pour a small amount of white nail polish on a piece of paper and using a nail stick make small dots across each nail.

Step 3) When the dots have dried, about 30 minutes, paint over with a topcoat


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  1. Miss Jaz October 18, 2011 at 4:15 pm #


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