Halloween Costume-Comic Book Girl

6 Oct

Halloween is just around the corner and it is our favorite makeup holiday because you can do whatever you want and fit in everywhere. From vampires to clowns, makeup is essential to perfect any costume. It takes your outfit to the next level and can impress all of your fellow Halloween partygoers. What we love about extravagant makeup on Halloween, is that you can get away without having to shell out a lot of money on a costume, and most of the costume looks we are going to feature this year doesn’t require you to buy a lot of new product.

Inspired by superheroes and villains, we decided to create a costume that looks like it’s just jumped off the page of a comic book. The comic book character look is simple and easy, and you can even base it off any of your favorite heroes. We went with a general look, creating our own personal character. Follow the steps below to complete your Halloween costume.

Step 1) Apply a white costume makeup to skin, be sure to blend.

Step 2) Next, use black eyeliner to fill in brows completely. We used Sephora Smudge Pots black gel liner.

Step 3) Use the same eyeliner and draw a line along the bottom of your nose, on each side.  Then draw a small line along the dimple of each cheek.

Step 4) Now line each eye, creating a thick line along the upper and lower lash line. To create the wing draw the pencil out along the upper lash line stopping just beneath the brow.

Step 5) Now apply a thin layer of eyelash glue to false eyelashes and apply to upper lash line. The Sephora brand collection has great variety.

Step 5) For the lips, line as you would normally would, but use black eyeliner. Fill in lips with a deep red. We used Maybelline in Red Revival.

Step 6) For the dots use a red lipstick and lip brush. Create diagonal lines of dots across the face. Keep the lines even by starting the next one in the empty space below.

What’s your Halloween costume this year? Leave us a comment and let us know!


2 Responses to “Halloween Costume-Comic Book Girl”

  1. nnunner October 25, 2011 at 2:46 am #

    i am doing this for halloween this year. ive got an orange wig. all i need is help on the clothing. any suggestions?

  2. scentsa October 25, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    We love a basic look to go with this glam makeup look. Black looks good and lets your makeup standout. We chose a leather jacket to create a heroine look, but a simple blouse would do as well.

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