Fragrance Review-Tom Ford Violet Blonde

29 Sep

Tom Ford’s new fragrance, Violet Blonde, captures the designer’s sleek and sophisticated style.  The opening notes of violet leaf and orris infused with Sambac jasmine, create a bold and intoxicating scent. Blending the key note of violet with cedarwood, the fragrance achieves excellent balance between floral and woody notes.  The fragrance finishes on rich notes of suede, vetiver, and musk. Violet Blonde captures the opulent and sensual essence of Tom Ford’s aesthetic down to the gold-plated and ridged glass bottle.

The Company says, “The unexpected twist on violet is created by wrapping violet leaf absolute with the textural notes of orris, the precious root of the iris flower, and infusing this pairing with the lush, exotic energy of Sambac jasmine. These precious notes are meticulously tailored into an unmistakably modern fragrance that moves with fluidity and rhythm.”

What do you think of this irresistible fragrance? Leave us a comment and let us know!


One Response to “Fragrance Review-Tom Ford Violet Blonde”

  1. denise October 1, 2011 at 2:17 am #

    I tried this today at Saks, not very impressed.just an average floral to me, couldn’t smell any jasmine, kind of powdery on me. And it’s expensive, but I did like the Jasmine rouge and Santal blush perfumes from his private blend collection both start at $200.00 bucks though so I’ll really have to think about buying a bottle. I really loved the new Prada Candy perfume, very nice and it’s only $80.00.

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