Behind the Makeup-Our Contest Winner

15 Sep

Congratulations to the winner of our makeup contest, Aaron Ni’jai, and his rainbow style eye makeup which over 90 people “Liked” on our Facebook page. With such an amazing response and a unique makeup style, we wanted to hear from our winner enjoy our Q & A with Aaron.

What makeup products should a woman never leave the house without?

A: “If I had to tell females what not to leave the house without, I would tell them always remember your foundation and concealer. When these two products are put on properly, it will make you look years younger.”

What is your favorite fragrance?

A: “I love the smell of Dolce & Gabbana ‘The One’ for Men.”

When did you discover you had a talent for makeup?

A: “Haha. Well, I’m a photographer. Me and Le’louch Vi Giovanni (A Wardrobe stylist on my team) had a meeting with some international people in the fashion industry and they told me that photographers who know how to apply makeup get an increase in pay and are valued more. They also let me know that it can also save me money in the long run.”

How did you create this look?

A: “I’m not a makeup artist so I don’t know all the technical terms, but I used different color eye shadows to make it pop against her vibrant red hair, and I gave her nude lips because there were so many colors on the eyes.”

What is the best makeup advice you’ve ever received?

A: “Trial and error as well as personal preference plays a huge part in finding what works! Just cause it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’ll work wonders, and vice-versa. Sometimes even cheap products out-perform the expensive ones. It’s a matter of trying and seeing what works for you.”

Despite being a photographer by trade we loved Aaron’s use of color and the amazing quality of the photo are a testament to his skills. If you want to connect with Aaron you can find him on Facebook or visit his Tumblr.


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