Makeup Brushes 101

8 Sep

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or just a makeup lover, makeup brushes are an essential part of your cosmetic kit. With such a large selection of brushes available, their uses can easily be forgotten, so we decided it was time for a quick brush up on makeup brushes. Before you buy your brushes make sure they are synthetic, and get a brush cleaner as well. Keep your brushes clean to avoid breakouts and get the truest shades from your makeup. These are the 10 brushes no cosmetic kit should be without.

Blush and Powder brush

These brushes are large and thick with long bristles. As a general rule of thumb the larger the brush is the larger area it will cover. These brushes are meant to leave a lighter application. If you’re ever in a jam, you can use these brushes interchangeably.

Eyebrow brushes

These multipurpose brushes are used to groom eyebrows and fill them in. However, the comb on your eyebrow brush can remove lumps leftover from your mascara and the angled brush can create the perfect winged eye.

Eye shadow brushes

These three brushes help to develop your makeup look. The larger the amount of bristles, the more area of your eye it will cover and the less dense the color will be. The smallest brush will give you the most intense amount of color and is best used around your lash line. The medium sized brush should be concentrated on the lid, while the large brush should be used to cover the entire eye.

Highlighter and lip brush

The long handle and short bristles of the highlighter brush make it perfect for accenting your features. It’s best used along your cheek bones, underneath the brow bone, and the bridge of your nose to create a structured look. The lip brush is often overlooked when so many lip glosses and lipsticks come with an applicator. However, this brush allows you to control the amount of lipstick you apply and the intensity. Plus combined with a lip pencil it helps your lipstick last.

What makeup brushes do you use? Do you have a favorite brand? Leave a comment and let us know!


2 Responses to “Makeup Brushes 101”

  1. Adina Rae September 9, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    Do you have a particular brand of brushes to recommend that are reasonably priced and where to purchase them? Thanks.

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