Featured Product – 120 Color Palette 1st Edition by Bhcosmetics

16 Aug

Time to break out the easy to wear and classic basics in your wardrobe and jazz up your makeup for a great new look that’s fun and goes with every style. By sticking with classic neutral colors in your outfit you provide a blank canvas to accent with a plethora of funky colors and hues in your makeup look.

We color fanatics love the 120 Color Palette 1st Edition by Bhcosmetics. It’s stuffed with radiant pigments and a spectrum of colors including both shimmer and matte shadows. The 2nd and 3rd editions also include wonderful high spirited colors, but we prefer the 1st if going for a bold vibrant look. Knowing how hard some colors can be to find, such as true reds, we fell in love with the array of colors this palette provides.

Edition One is our favorite and Bhcosmetics says, “Sleek and portable, the stylish eyeshadow palette encases two amazing color layers ranging from deep rubies and glittering onyxes to sparkling emeralds and lustrous lavenders to turn you into a dazzling diva by day and sultry siren by night.” The colors in this palette are incredible and it’s affordable, perfect for any fashionista searching for some new looks.


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