Dazzle Your Tattoo Using Eye Kandy Glitter

11 Aug

Tattoos have always been a popular way to permanently decorate your body, and have even branched off into the beauty world with permanent makeup, like tattooed eyeliner and lip liner. Tattoos are a form of self expression and even a work of art, so we decided to add a little sparkle, glamorizing an ordinary tattoo into something that works perfect for nights out on the town or any occasion that calls for a little glitz and glam.

Transforming your tattoo is simple and easy with Eye Kandy Cosmetics’ eye and body glitter. All you have to do is pick your colors and paint on as little or as much as you want.

The glitter pots come with a liquid adhesive base for all-day wear. The company says, “Our Liquid Sugar base offers incredible endurance that will hold your glitter on all day without flaking off into your eyes and onto your face. Our Eye Kandy Sprinkles are a high-end, pure cosmetic glitter that is completely safe for the eyes and is available in forty-eight brilliant colors.”

What do you think about this cool tattoo look? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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