Sailor Nail Polish Design

4 Aug

Take your nails on a wild adventure to uncharted waters with this cute sailor design, the perfect accent to your summer wardrobe. The cool colors will keep your nails looking fresh, fun, and fabulous. It’s simple and easy to do yourself.

Step One: Choose two nail polishes as base colors for your nails. We chose a pale pink for all the nails except for the ring finger, which we painted in a deep blue. We love Illamasqua’s Muse and Sephora by OPI’s Dear Diary.
Step Two: Use a nail pen in dark blue and draw three horizontal lines across the nails. Next use a white nail pen and draw lines along the tips, like you would do for a French tip. We love Sally Hansen’s Nail Art Pens.

Step Three: Use a hot pink nail polish pen and draw small solid circles on both sides of the blue lines. This will make them look like buttons.

Step Four: Use the white pen to draw an anchor on your blue-painted nail. To get the perfect anchor, start by drawing an open circle in the center of your nail, closest to the tip and then draw a vertical line in the center of your nail. Next, about a centimeter from the bottom of the line, closest to your cuticle, draw a half circle with two arrows on each end. It is reminiscent of a mouth of a smiley face. Lastly, complete the anchor with a short horizontal line between the hook and the open circle.

We hope you enjoy this sailor-inspired nail look! Leave us a comment and let us know.


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