Featured Fragrance – Lovestruck

19 Jul

Love is in the air with Lovestruck by Vera Wang. Inspired by the idea of star-crossed lovers, this fresh floral fragrance will surely capture your heart. It’s reminiscent of secret admirers, adoring letters, and young love, and will linger with you just like the memory of your first love.

The company says, “Feminine, romantic, and spontaneous. Lovestruck is all about Vera’s interpretation of love, playing off a modern twist on Romeo and Juliet. Think lovestruck lovers and the emotion and rush of falling in love—that heart pounding, spontaneous feeling.

The fragrance is a sparkling, addictive floral that the senses will surely fall in love with. There is an instant attraction to the mouth watering pink guava and mandarin, followed by a delicate mix of tuberose and lotus blossom. Behind it all, the precious woods and sheer musk envelop and bring warmth and comfort.

Young in spirit, the bottle evokes the feeling of being madly in love. Its square shape is both modern and classic, a perfect contrast to the over-sized cap, and the hot pink logo adds a burst of brightness.”

What do you think about this fragrance? Are you ready to be Lovestruck? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.


One Response to “Featured Fragrance – Lovestruck”

  1. Malibu July 19, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

    I just got a sample. This fragrance is amazing. Very Sexy!! 🙂

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