Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

6 Jul

Summer time is here and there’s nothing like spending the day outside in the sunshine. Whether bathing suit-clad at the beach or poolside, or taking a stroll around an outdoor mall, it’s always a good idea to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays. Besides
protecting your skin with sunscreen, it’s also important to protect your eyes
from UV rays. And what better way to do so than a stylish pair of sun glasses?
In celebration of all the fun in the sun to be had, we’ve put together a guide to
help you pick a perfect pair of shades for your face shape. No matter if you
have a heart face shape or oval, you will look fantastic all summer long.

Here is our list of face shapes and what shades to love and avoid. Enjoy!

Square Face Shapes: Square face shapes have a broader forehead with
a square chin and strong jaw line.

Glasses for you: Oval and round frames are perfect for a square
face because they soften dramatic angles. Butterfly shaped glasses and
sunglasses that connect the temples (the arms) to the center of the frame also
look great. Avoid square shaped glasses because they can make your face appear boxier.

Oval Face Shapes: The chin is slightly narrower than the forehead
with high, defined cheek bones.

Glasses for you: Most styles of glasses look good on oval face
shapes, but square or rectangular glasses really accentuate the soft curves of
the facial features. Avoid frames that are too large, as these create a bug-like look.

Oblong Face Shapes:  The face is longer than it is wide, which also may include angular features with a long nose and forehead.

Glasses for you: Broad glasses with heavier details on the upper
rim and temples add width to the face. Avoid small or short frames as they look
unbalanced and unproportioned.

Round Face Shapes: Round face shapes have very full cheeks and a
rounded chin. The face is as wide as it is long.

Glasses for you: Cat-eye glasses are perfect for this face shape,
since the upward angle draws attention to the eye line. Rectangular styles and
glasses with temples that start at the top of the frame are also very flattering.
Avoid small or short frames, which make the face appear shorter.

Diamond Face Shapes:  The eye line and chin are narrower than the center of the face with more dramatic and angular cheeks.

Glasses for you: Cat-eye glasses, oval, and rimless styles really accentuate the cheek bones. Avoid thin-framed glasses as they make the eye line appear even narrower.

Heart Face Shapes: This face shape tapers downward with a broader
forehead and a more triangular chin and thinner jaw line.

Glasses for you: Narrow and bottom heavy frames add balance to the
face, as well as styles with the temples connecting to the bottom of the frame.
Avoid top heavy glasses and thicker temples, these styles add to the width of
the upper part of the face.

Triangle Face Shapes: The opposite of the heart shape. The eye line
and forehead are narrower than the jaw line and chin.

Glasses for you: Top heavy glasses with details and accents on the
top of the frame look great with this face shape, as well as styles that angle
in toward the bottom of the frame. Avoid temples that connect lower on the
frame as they make the jaw appear to be wider.

We hope this helps in your search for shade! Let us know how much you loved this article in the comments section below, as well as any ideas you have for new blogs.


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