Video Tip – Bridesmaid Makeup Look

23 Jun

Most girls dream of the day when they walk down the aisle, but what about those closest to you that will share your moment? As bridal party veterans, we know the scoop on everything it takes to make your best friend or bride-to-be family member’s big day something special. Besides the little details, your makeup look is important because it will be captured on film, in photographs, and in memories forever.

After recently watching the movie Bridesmaids, which was absolutely hilarious, we were inspired to do a bold bridesmaid makeup look for evening weddings. In colors of bronze and deep blues, with long luscious lashes, this look goes with many color schemes and is perfect for romantic occasions.

Follow the steps below and watch the video on how to get this look.

Step One: Brush on a white eyeshadow base from your lash line to your eyebrows. This will intensify the color and even out the eyeshadow.

Step Two: Dampen your eyeshadow brush in water and apply a wet/dry bronze eyeshadow. This will hold the shadow and make sure it is perfect for hours. Keep layering the eyeshadow until it matches your desired shade. Also, brush a slightly darker shadow in a C shape on the outer corner of your eye and work your way up and over your lid for a winged effect.

Step Three: Use a thin eyeshadow brush and apply dark gray/blue eyeshadow below your lower lash line from the middle to the outer edge. Next, apply a shimmery brown eyeshadow from the inner corner to the middle.

Step Four: Apply a thin layer of glue to a pair of false lashes of your choice. You can use a Q-tip to adjust them to your lash line as close to your real eyelashes as possible. Allow the glue to dry for a few minutes.

Step Five: Using an eyeliner brush, apply black gel liner, and fill in any spaces created by the false eyelashes.

Step Six: Line lips with a nude brown lip liner to prevent lipstick from bleeding outside of your lip line. Use a lip brush to blend the liner to prevent it from appearing drawn on. Next apply a soft brown lipstick, and accent it with shimmery lip gloss for the perfect pout. We like Rosewood 2C by Make Up For Ever and Twin Set Pink by Christian Dior.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this video tip brought to you by Scentsa Beauty, where everything just makes Scentsa. And remember, comments are always appreciated.


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