Scentsa Video Tip – Day to Night Makeup Look

14 Jun

It’s the time of year when there are many day to night celebrations such as graduations, summer weddings, beach parties, and BBQs, and we don’t always have time to redo our makeup looks along the way, so we decided to demonstrate a look that would work well going from day to night. So whether you’re getting a tan on the beach and then having a bon fire at night or attending a daytime wedding and an evening reception, this look will work no matter the time or event. It’s simple, easy, and a great accessory for any outfit.

Here’s a quick tip for your face makeup before starting the look: Start with a natural base-tinted moisturizer. Use under eye concealer (1 to 2 shades lighter than your foundation) and apply to your under eye area to lighten dark circles.  Set your face and under eyes with pressed powder. Lightly apply bronzer to your face where sun hits (cheek bones, nose, chin, and neck area,) for a sun-kissed glow.

Step One: Apply a light eyeshadow color as a base on your eyelid from your lash line to your brow bone. This will create a clean slate for other eyeshadows.

Step Two: Apply Bobbi Brown’s Heather, which is a medium-toned purple eyeshadow, to your eyelid from your lash line to your crease.

Step Three: Layer a deeper toned purple eyeshadow, like M.A.C Trax, in a “C” shape on the outer corner of the lid. Blend lines away with a medium-sized brush.

Step Four: Using a small angled brush, apply Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Black Gel Liner. Begin in the middle of your lash line, using short, smooth strokes. Gently stretch your lid to get close to the eye and to get into any creases. We love the Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Brush.

Step Five: To accent your eyes and make you lashes appear full and voluptuous, apply black mascara to your top lashes.

Step Six: Apply a light rosy blush to your cheekbones and blend toward your hairline, keeping most of the blush on the highest part of your cheekbones. Using a highlighter, such as Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick Compact Beige, apply to your cheekbones over the blush to help create the appearance of higher cheekbones.

Step Seven: Using a lip brush, apply sheer lip gloss to your lips to hydrate and to make them appear fuller.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this video tip brought to you by Scentsa Beauty, where everything just makes Scentsa.


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