Come One, Come All to the Scentsa Circus Extravaganza!

3 May

We love the elegant blonde bombshell Reese Witherspoon, known for her roles in movies like “Legally Blonde,” “Walk the Line,” and “Four Christmases,” just to name a few, and we also love the drool-worthy, dreamboat Rob Pattinson, who found stardom playing Cedric Diggory in “Harry Potter” and the angsty, sparkling, vampire Edward Cullen in the “Twilight Saga” movies, so when we saw that they were going to be in a movie together, we knew we’d love it no matter what.

Water for Elephants,” based on the book of the same name by Sara Gruen, is a beautiful, heart wrenching story about Jacob Jankowski, a man who loses everything when a tragic accident forces him to give up his dream of being a veterinarian during the Great Depression, and then finds himself as a stowaway on a circus train. He uses his Cornell education to earn his keep as the circus veterinarian, where he meet’s the gorgeous Marlena. We don’t want to give away too much, so all we’ll say is that the plot was full of twists and turns and had us rooting for Jacob’s and Marlena’s romance until the end.

The movie is set in the 1930s and the costumes and makeup were beautifully done. Reese Witherspoon captured the look of the silver screen starlets of the decade perfectly, you’d have thought she was born for the era. Her look is sexy and sophisticated, innocent and sultry. She really shined like the star she is. In celebration of the beauty of the 1930s, we’ve decided to recreate the look with a modern twist.

The Steps:


1. Apply shimmery brown eyeshadow from your lash line to the center of your eyelid, using an eyeshadow brush. Keep it light and barely there, and aim for a more natural look. We love Sephora Trio Collection Sunbaked 02.

2. Carefully apply black false lashes and line over them with liquid black eyeliner, winging the line past the outer corner of your eye. We love Mink (dramatic criss-cross black) false eyelashes by Sephora and Bobbi Brown’s Black Eyeliner.

3. Use a medium brown shimmer eyeshadow to draw a line just below your bottom lash line. Line and smudge black eyeliner from the middle of your bottom lash line to the outer edge.


Using a lip brush, apply bright red lipstick, blotting away excess color with a tissue to keep it from getting on your teeth. We love Temptation by Rimmel.

Finished Look

Now that you’ve completed the look, all you need are an elephant, a circus, and R-Patz…okay, so maybe not R-Patz. But we can dream right? Let us know what you thought of the movie and the look!


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