Scentsa for Sephora Mood Quiz

27 Apr

If you were to open up a Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, or Teen Vogue magazine, you’re guaranteed to find a few similarities, one of which is quizzes. Quiz topics can vary from the purely fun, like Seventeen magazines “Could you Date Justin Bieber?” to the more informative like, “What makeup look is right for you?” Seeing how quizzes are such a classic pastime, when Scentsa received the opportunity to create a Mood quiz for Sephora, we were delighted!

The Mood quiz identifies six different categories: Romantic, Confident, Bold, Sexy, Vivacious, and Carefree, and matches you to you’re ideal fragrance category using a combination of pictures and questions.  You can take the quiz online by visiting or to get the in-store experience visit to find a location near  you.

Want to find out your Mood? Only one way, take the quiz and let us know what you got!!

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