Silver Nail Polish Inspired by Red Riding Hood

24 Mar

We want to applaud Catherine Hardwicke, director of Twilight, for reimagining the fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood,” adding a dark twist to the original story. In “Red Riding Hood,” Valerie, played by the lovely Amanda Seyfried, is haunted by a werewolf that plagues her village. We don’t want to spoil the movie, so go and watch it, but we will say that Gary Oldman, who played Solomon, did an excellent job giving the village a hand with his silver-coated nails, which inspired us to write this handy blog, featuring silver nail polish.

Silver nail polish is perfect for a night on the town when you’re wearing your little black dress. It goes great with black and white zebra print, and you can even dazzle it up with silver gems or black flowers. Silver nail polish is chic and fun and goes with smoky eyes or metallic eyeshadow, and if your village is overrun with werewolves, the silver will be hands down, everyone’s favorite accessory.

The Steps

1. Before applying your silver nail polish, remove any previous nail polish and dirt, using a cotton ball and nail polish remover, and then wash your hands.  Use a nail care wooden stick to push back cuticles. Trim nails if necessary and file into your preferred shape, whether it’s round, squared, or pointy like Gary Oldman’s. Buff nails with a buffer to make sure nails are smooth and to prevent bubbles or indents in the nail polish.

2. Apply a clear base coat, letting it dry for a few minutes. Brush on silver nail polish, starting at your cuticle and ending at your tip, and let dry before applying second coat to keep the polish from getting clumpy. We love OPI’s DS Radiance and Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Base and Top Coat.

3. Before the color dries completely, you can add decorative flowers using black nail polish and the nail care wooden stick by dabbing five dots onto the nail in a circular shape, and then run an automatic pencil through them toward the center for a petal-like shape. Apply a faux gemstone in the middle using clear nail polish as glue. Brush on a clear top coat and let dry. We love Sally Hansen’s Black Diamond.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this “Red Riding Hood” inspired blog. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!


2 Responses to “Silver Nail Polish Inspired by Red Riding Hood”

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