Love Leopard Print?

2 Mar

We’re fans of different animal prints like zebra, tiger, and leopard. Animal prints are great at accenting your wardrobe—a zebra print purse or leopard heels with your little black dress—but what about makeup? That question got us thinking, why not? So, if you’re looking to add a little fun and flare to your makeup, give this whimsical, leopard print makeup look a try.

The Steps:

1. To guarantee that your eyeshadow lasts, first apply an eyeshadow primer like Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay or Prep + Prime Eyes by M.A.C.

2. Using an eyeshadow brush, apply gold shimmery eyeshadow from your lash line to your eyebrow in a gradience, where the gold is higher concentrated on your eyelid and more translucent below your eyebrow. Add a touch of white shimmer powder to highlight your eyebrow. We like Old Gold by M.A.C and Diamond Powder Gold 16 by Make Up For Ever.

3. Apply liquid eyeliner along your top lash line, starting a 1/4 inch below your tear duct and ending 1/4 inch away from the outer corner of your eye, slanting up toward your eyebrow. You may have to practice a couple of times for a straight line. A simple trick you can do to quicken the process is place two pieces of tape on the outer corner of your eye and inner corner and use the edge as a stencil. We like Liquif-Eye by Too Faced and Precision Eyeliner by Dior.

4. Using the same eyeliner, draw different sized half circles on your eyelid in a scattered pattern. Be creative with placement. If you’re unsure, use a picture or another item that is leopard print to guide you.

5. Fill in your half circles with pink (or another color of choice) eyeshadow to complete the circles. We like Pearly Rosewood 132 by Make Up For Ever and Woodstock by Urban Decay.

6. Using an eyeliner brush, line your bottom lash line with the same pink eyeshadow, extending to meet your top lid eyeliner on the outer edge of your eye.

We hope you have as much fun with this makeup look as we did! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!


4 Responses to “Love Leopard Print?”

  1. Diana March 16, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    This is pretty! Thanks for the steps, and makeup suggestions(:

    • tawny March 20, 2011 at 11:13 pm #

      love the look! super easy instructions! cool!

      • scentsa March 21, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

        Thanks Tawny!

  2. scentsa March 17, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    Thanks Diana! We’d love to see a pic if you decide to try it out! Find us on Facebook (!/pages/scentsa/134271333254097 ) and post it on our wall.

    Have an awesome day!

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