Scents of the Season for Allure Magazine

25 Jan

Exciting news! Allure magazine has asked Jan Moran, beauty expert and creator of Scentsa, to perform a blind sniff test on this year’s new scents of the season. From sheer to seductive, the nameless fragrances left us reminiscing about beautiful spring days, luscious gardens, and warm sunshine.

To capture the full effect of each perfume, Jan sniffed every scent multiple times following the transformation from the top notes, to the heart, and lastly the finish. This method illustrates how a fragrance changes over time. So, a hint when testing fragrance, allow it to fully bloom after you spray it. This usually takes 10 to 20 minutes.

Twelve masked fragrances were tested, dubbed A-L by Allure.  Here are the results:

A-Top notes are floral, soft, and feminine. As it develops, sweet gourmand notes appeared in the heart of the perfume. A is a very romantic fragrance evocative of sheer summer dresses and soft floral bouquets.

B– Fresh, floral, top notes blend with rich, warmer heart notes. Sassy and sophisticated, B is a complex perfume. Fearless, charismatic women would accessorize their chic wardrobes with B. B is for confident women of style.

C– Top notes are incredibly fresh and floral. The heart note conveys the aroma of English or Provencal roses. C is sheer, understated, and easy to wear.

D– Bright, sunny notes accent aquatic essences in the opening accord of this perfume. Floral and citrus notes develop in the heart. D is fun to wear, a fragrance to spritz on before lunch with girlfriends. Bright citrus notes are clean and fresh. D is a scent that can be worn during the day, to the office or on weekends.

E-The scent opens with subtle fruity notes. E develops into a light perfume with white floral heart notes—perhaps lily of the valley, freesia, gardenia, or jasmine. Soft and sheer, E invokes images of young love. E could be the fragrance that begins a young girl’s collection.

F– Top notes are tropical and fruity, conjuring an island paradise vacation. The heart develops spicy gourmand undertones that warm the perfume. F has several layers of complexity; it’s like having a sophisticated cocktail at a beachside resort.

G– The opening is fresh and airy with green undertones. Powdery floral notes emerge in the heat, reminiscent of rose and violet.  G is a fragrance for women like actress Reese Witherspoon, who embrace their femininity.

H-This fragrance blooms with a rich rose.  As it develops rose deepens in the heart as well. H is ultra romantic, boudoir-and-lace fragrance, rich and full-bodied.

I– A complex perfume with airy, aquatic top notes accented with citrus and herbs. As it develops, it becomes more intriguing.  This versatile perfume is like a little black dress or the perfect designer jeans with the ability to glide from day to night. It’s sophisticated, and leaves you wanting more.

J-Top notes are fruity and floral. As it develops, J becomes powdery and sweet. J is very pretty like an enchanting spring wedding with pink lace and lots of confetti.

K– Initial notes are powdery and sweet, yet develop into a daring scent that blooms with brilliant white flowers. K is for a woman who enjoys being the center of attention, a diva of style.

L-This fragrance unfolds with fresh and natural notes. It’s a versatile well-balanced scent. L is a fragrance for chic, stylish women who are as comfortable barefoot on a yacht as in stilettos in the boardroom. L is a sheer scent of pure happiness.

To find out more about these amazing perfumes and about Jan Moran, visit Leave a comment and tell us what you think!


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