Fragrance Spotlight

19 Jan

Scents have a way of capturing a special moment in your life, leaving a lasting impression in your mind. The smell of a certain food could remind you of a first date with your significant other, or a certain flower could remind you of your wedding, and what about perfume? A certain fragrance could stir memories of the people you love in your life. Playing off scents connected to memory, Kate Walsh, actress and creator of the Boyfriend brand, decided to create a scent that reminded her of her ex-boyfriend, and the way his cologne smelled on her skin.

We love the idea of taking a memory and turning it into a perfume you could where, so we wanted to introduce you to Boyfriend by Kate Walsh, an irresistible perfume to drive your senses wild.

Boyfriend is reminiscent of passion, romance, and love. Delectable plum and spicy myrrh blends with a gorgeous bouquet of jasmine and lily of the valley. Musk and amber finish the fragrance with a soft, warm trail. “Boyfriend is a delicious mix of floral and woody amber notes that’ll make your eyes roll, just like him,” says Kate Walsh.

We hope you enjoy Boyfriend as much as we do! What perfumes remind you of the special moments in your life? Leave us a comment and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.


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