Guide to Fragrance Families

12 Jan

The world of perfume is complex, alluring, and delightful. There are many different kinds of perfumes to wear and enjoy—the scents like a delicious candy store for the nose, with perfumes for every taste, style, mood, and activity. From warm and spicy to cool and refreshing, the world of fragrance is an olfactive paradise with thousands of perfumes to choose from.

To make things easier, we’ve come up with a short guide to the most popular fragrance families, also known as scent types, to help you narrow your decision in choosing perfumes.

The five main categories of perfume are: Fresh, Floral, Warm and Spicy, Woody, and Aromatic. These five scent types are then broken down into subcategories, which is what we will explore.

The freshest fragrances encompass Citrus and Fruits, Fruity Floral, and Aquatic types. These scents are light, fresh, and uplifting, perfect for summer and warm weather, outdoor activities, casual wear, and active lifestyles.

Citrus and Fruits – Enjoy the dazzling radiance of sunny, succulent aromas. Sparkling citrus is cool and refreshing, while fresh fruits add juice to fun, casual fragrances.

Aquatic – Cool water impressions are sheer pleasure. Like a cleansing rain shower, a cool ocean breeze, or the sparkling freshness of a clear mountain stream, these scents are refreshing and revitalizing.

Fruity Floral – Sunny fruits add sweetness to fresh-cut blossoms.  These happy-go-lucky fragrances are like a ray of sunshine.

Floral fragrances bloom with dazzling bouquets, whether Fresh Floral, Powdery Floral, or Classic Floral arrangements. These scents are sweet, romantic, and feminine, reminiscent of springtime blossoms, June weddings, and garden parties.

Fresh Floral – Sheer and airy, these are the aromas of fresh spring flowers. Refreshing, delicate, and uplifting.

Powdery Floral –Soft, powdery accents enhance feminine floral bouquets. These ultra feminine scents are subtle and alluring.

Classic Floral – From subtle to glamorous, these romantic floral bouquets bloom with memorable brilliance.

Warm and Spicy fragrances are sultry and seductive.  Floral Oriental, Vanilla Amber Oriental, Spicy Woody Oriental scents are sensual and alluring, perfect for wintery wear, passionate men and women, and fashionable trendsetters.

Floral Oriental – Sophisticated and romantic, rich flowers blend with warm woods, vanilla, or spices.  The word “Oriental” refers to essences discovered in the Orient.

Vanilla Amber Oriental – Sweet vanilla and amber chords create a rich culinary impression in these Oriental fragrances, named after Eastern spices.

Spicy Woody Oriental – Warm exotic spices, such as ginger, nutmeg, or cardamom, blend with classic wood notes.

Woody and Earthy Fragrances consist of Greens and Herbs, Chypre, and Woody scents. These perfumes are sophisticated and elegant, perfect for autumn days, dinner dates, and formal attire.

Greens and Herbs – Zesty grasses and leaves, fresh culinary herbs, and subtle woodland aromas complete these scents, which are refreshing, complex, and invigorating.

Chypre – Elegant and complex, these fragrances consist of zesty citrus, cool earthy moss, subtle flowers, and warm woods. Chypre scents are inspired by the sunny Mediterranean island of Cyprus (“chypre” in French).

Woody – Ranging from fresh and invigorating to warm and rich, woods are often accented with zesty citrus in these rich, earthy ensembles.

Aromatic fragrances are primarily for men.  Also known as Fougère blends, these fragrances are relaxed, fresh, and balanced. Versatile aromatic scents may be worn with business casual or weekend wear.

Fougère – Versatile, brisk, and balanced. Sunny citrus, aromatic lavender, and warm woods merge in multifaceted, aromatic fougère (“fern” in French) blends.

Now that you’ve learned about different types of scents, it’s time to explore and enjoy the world of fragrance! You can also look up fragrances by scent type on Scentsa, the fragrance finder at all Sephora stores.  Which fragrances do you prefer? Let us know and leave us a comment!


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