Beauty Tip Thursday- Bigger, Brighter Eyes

6 Jan

Who doesn’t want bigger, brighter eyes? Sometimes, this is hard to accomplish first thing in the morning. Let’s face it, we’d love to wake up looking and feeling like a beauty queen, but the lack of sleep and a busy schedule makes this hard to accomplish without a little effort. Having bigger, brighter eyes will allow you to look awake even if you’re still asleep inside. No one will ever say, “You look tired,” or ask “Did you have a rough night?” again with this simple, yet effective tip.

Use white eyeliner on the inner rim of your eye, focusing on the inner corner, to make your eyes appear livelier, awake, and beautiful. Apply your makeup as usual or wear this look fresh faced for natural results.

Here are some of our favorite white eyeliners:

Maybelline’s Cooling Shadow/Liner in Snow Bunny

Givenchy’s Magic Khol Eye Liner Pencil in White

Nars’s Eye Liner Pencil in Iceberg

Want to learn more? Leave us a comment.


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