Clutch Necessities

1 Dec

Glittering lights, sheer, lacey streamers, hanging snowflakes… all of these images come to mind when thinking about the Winter Formal. Attending the Winter Formal is a great way to get prepared for Prom. You slip into a dazzling dress and stiletto shoes, wear a glamorous hairstyle and flawless makeup, and enjoy dancing the night away with your sweetheart and friends. After all of the preparation is done and you show up to a ballroom decorated like a snowy, fairytale wonderland, you want nothing more than to have a perfect night in a magical world.

To guarantee a fantastic night, our experts have thrown all the necessities on the table and narrowed it down the top 14 items that fit in your clutch purse and why they are so important.

1. At least two bandaids– Let’s face it, we don’t always choose shoes based on comfort and it’s important to be prepared for painful blisters.

2. Oil blotting paper– Blotter papers work wonders, keeping skin oil-free without mussing your makeup.

3. Safety pins- These are important if your dress malfunctions and can keep straps in place if they were to break.

4. Sample sized or solid fragrance- This guarantees you’ll smell great the entire night, even after hours of dancing.

5. Lipstick and/or lipgloss- This guarantees that your lips will look beautiful the entire night.

6. Compact mirror- This enables you to check your makeup without having to go to the bathroom, especially if the line is out the door.

7. Gum/mints- These keep your breath fresh for your special end of the night kiss.

8. Bobby pins- These are great if your hair doesn’t want to hold up. You can pin stray strands into place.

9. Cell phone- If you have a cell phone, take it. You never know if you’ll need it.

10. Batteries for your camera- To guarantee you capture every moment of the night, bring extra batteries just in case yours run low.

11. Q-tips- These will help correct mused eye makeup.

12. Small eyeliner- This will keep your makeup looking fresh and allow you to reapply if you smudge your eyeliner.

13. A small bottle of nail glue- This is perfect if you break a nail, also if you break the heel on your shoe.

14. Tissues- It’s important to carry tissues if you sneeze or sweat. They are softer than bathroom paper towels and less likely to rub off your makeup.

These necessities have come from our experience with having mishaps on a special occasion. From blisters and broken heels to mused makeup and dead batteries, this list will make sure your special night will go as planned. Not going to the Winter Formal? These necessities work in all formal occasions.

Have there been instances where something has gone wrong or did we miss something you include on your list? Leave a comment and let us know!


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