The Deviant Devil

22 Oct

What better Halloween makeup look to follow the enchanting angel than the deviant devil, of course! As Halloween sneaks up on us, the Scentsa beauty experts decided to add a little naughty to our nice. We love bold, beautiful makeup looks with style and flare, and the devil makeup look is perfect for anyone with a fiery, feisty personality.

The devil or demon has been around as long as the angel. It is part of literature, film, and art across the globe in a wide range of genres including horror, found in films like “Constantine,” and “Devil” and even comedy with films like “Bedazzled” and “Little Nikki.” When deciding which look we wanted to accomplish, we went with a little of both.

Inspired by our love of vibrant color and devilish side, our experts have put this radiant, bad girl look together for those who want to be seductive, chic, and a little wicked. So, put on a dazzling ruby-red dress, strappy stiletto shoes, and show off your horns!

Step One: The Face

Prep your skin by applying normal foundation using a foundation brush or sponge. Set with powder, using a lighter shade, to bring out the intense colors. Don’t forget to blend well into the neck to avoid makeup streaks.

It tickles!

Glue devil horns (found at most Halloween stores) on opposite sides of your forehead just below hairline using adhesive glue (false eyelash glue) and firmly hold in place to set.

Using red costume paint or red eyeliner, draw a line on the side of your nose (near the top) and continue up to the outer tip of horn and into your hairline. Draw another line from the same starting point on your nose to your eye and along your lash line stopping at your hairline above your temple. The finishing look is a triangle. Repeat on opposite side.

Step Two: The Eyes

Using a large eyeshadow brush, fill in the triangle with red eyeshadow until a deep red color is achieved. Repeat on opposite eye. Sponge red costume paint over the red eyeshadow and the rim of the horns to give depth and help blend the horns in with the forehead.

Outline Red triangles around your eyes and the horns with black liquid eyeliner. Apply black eyeshadow to the line and blend with brush inwards to create a smokey illusion. Draw a parallel line across lash line, eye crease, and eyebrows with black eyeshadow using an eye contour brush. Finish by outlining the entire triangle. To create a smooth almond shape, use an angled eyeshadow brush to blend.

Create the illusions of eyelashes with a flick motion from end of eye crease and eyebrow using black liquid eyeliner. You can also continue this eyelash illusion on lower lash line to give a more devilish look. From outer lower lash line, draw a one centimeter horizontal line using black liquid eyeliner. With a flick motion create the illusion of eyelash-like tridents.

Step Three: The Accessories

Add craft jewels, found at any craft store, to the points of triangles placing them on the outer nose on each side of face and to the eyelash-like tridents below the lower lash line.

Step Four: The Cheeks

Using an angled powder brush enhance the cheek with a deep matte bronzing powder dusty below the cheek bone.

Step Five: The Lips

Line natural lip line and fill lips with deep red lip liner pencil. Use the same deep red lip color to fill in the lips with matte red lipstick.

Step Six: False Eyelashes

Apply black feather false eyelashes using adhesive lash glue to upper lash line and add black mascara to lower lashes.

We hope you enjoy this sassy, gorgeous devil look!

*Special thanks to our makeup artist Layla Oeltjen and our model Anna Van Houten.


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